Baby B’s first christmas

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas. Ours has been hard. My grandad caught pneumonia last weekend and on Christmas Day my Mum and Uncle were told that he wasnt responding to the antibiotics and that there was nothing more the hospital could do, other than to make him comfortable. I had already promised myself that I would be with Baby B and Daddy all day on Christmas Day, so after we had opened our presents at home we went to my parents house.

Baby B loved his presents (particularly the slo-go – he kisses and licks the steering wheel sounding the horn with his nose!). When my Mum and Sis got back from the hospital they opened their presents and there were some more for lucky Baby B! He obligingly napped through Christmas lunch and woke up in time for pudding, as a treat he had some of the chocolate yule log frosting and custard off my finger, he then had a roasted carrot, roast parsnip, brocoli and brussel sprout and slice of turkey to try – he loved the root veggies, wiped his face with the brocoli and refused point blank to try the sprout (clever boy!). We stayed the night so that we could relax and all be together.
My grandad passed away on Boxing Day – hubby took me to the hospital to say goodbye in the morning, although you would never want to go through this over Christmas it meant that little sis was in the area to say her goodbyes and that we all had time to be together and support each other. We spent a few more nights at my parents and came home on Friday, a friend visited yesterday, Nanny and Grandad kindly baby sat while we three went out for a curry and trip to the pub!
Now we’re home and Baby B is officially 6 months we are getting into a feeding routine, we have a petit filous in the morning (I know its off a spoon but I want him to experience all textures not just finger foods!) – lots of mess, and this morning we shared a satsuma as well. He still likes me to hold food in his mouth (lazy boy) but happily gummed and sucked the satsuma into submission. We then play with food a bit later in the day (breakfast is easier for me to remember to do!) today he had some guacamole off my finger (to my mothers horror!) at lunchtime and a bread stick this afternoon. He’s going to have some left over chilli con carne tommorrow (I made it a lot milder than normal!)
In many ways Baby B has made a very hard time easier as he has given us all something to focus on and certainly keeps everyone amused with his raspnerry blowing antics.

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