Merry Christmas Baby B

Wow – what a busy week! The weekend before last was spent by Baby B and I at my parents while Daddy flew to Belfast to see his family. On Monday Baby B and I flew out (unsupervised!) to Belfast to join him for a few days.
Baby B was a bit overwhelmed at first by seeing all these new faces (he hasnt seen any of Daddys family since he was a 2 weeks old!) but after a nice quiet day spent with Mummy, Daddy, Uncle Steve and Auntie Kate he started to enjoy himself and was grinning at anyone who would let him eat their finger. We mentioned to his Nanny that he seemed to like strawberries and to his delight a punnet of strawberries appeared and he certainly got the hang of chewing food he loved – he didnt eat great quantities, 2 strawberries in one day etc.. but at this point I want him to get used to enjoying his food and am not to concerned about it replacing milk feeds.
We flew back on Wednesday morning, flight delayed by several hours due to the fog in Luton, entertaining a grumpy baby for 2 hours longer than you expected in an airport is hard going, so we were all exhausted when we got home. We had a nice quiet day on Thursday, Daddy took Baby B and me to the big Asda in Milton Keynes to get the christmas stuff in and in the afternoon I went to the hospital to visit my grandad (he’d been in for a couple of months after breaking his hip).
On Friday my Grandad was due to transfer into a nursing home but… patient transport was 5 hours late and in the late afternoon the lift broke down at the nursing home so he couldnt go anyway – this was really hard for my Mum as she had been looking forward to settling her Dad into his new home and knowing that he had 24 hour care available (the hospital does the best they can but they cant give him enough attention or stimulation).
Saturday was a nice quiet day we carried on offering various foods to Baby B (left over veg from a fajita – not spiced!) rice cakes etc.. he didnt seem too interested but enjoyed tasting everything and loved sucking guacamole from my fingers. I slaved in the kitchen seperating eggs to make a custard based icecream, making meringues with the whites and then making a christmas custard icecream (brandy and custard obviously!).
On Sunday my Grandad got a sickness and diarohea bug and went down with pneumonia. I spent most of Sunday at the hsospital with my Mum and Dad. I have felt awful that I’ve not been able to see him as much as I wanted to but I cant take Baby B into the hospital and I certainly cant leave him home alone. I knew that I would be busy on Christmas Eve and that whatever happened I needed to spend Christmas Day with my new family. Daddy very bravely looked after Baby B all day and even shared some toast with him at lunch time. At lunchtime I sliced a banana in half lengthways and gave the thinner piece to Baby B. Banana and babies go well together but are very messy – and if like me you have a total aversion to banana the sight and smell is minging.
Today we had another family day with Baby B expecting to taste everything we ate (seems cruel but I draw the line at crisps and chocolates!) so he had a cornflake dipped in milk from Daddys breakfast – that was chewed and swallowed but he didnt want a second one, a soldier of toast from Mummy’s breakfast (waved, licked, chewed, ripped in half and thoroughly messy!) and then a piece of cornbread (I baked my own for a special stuffing – get me all Deliaesque!). We dropped into my parents after a walk around Woburn (didnt see any reindeer but they’re probably at the North Pole helping Santa!) we went to my parents. We discovered another favourite fruit for Baby B. Raspberries off a cheesecake (they’d been frozen and thawed so they were very sluchy) I thought it would be too tart but he loved it, I let him have some cheesecake off my finger as well which was quite nice.
So far I know that Baby B loves strawberries, raspberries and bananas; he likes oat cakes, carrots, bready things; he doesnt seem interested in rice cakes, parsnips, potatoes or pears. I had thought from reading other blogs that he would be devouring three course meals by now but I must allow for every baby developing differently and the odd bit of poetic license from proud Mummies and Daddies.
I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas with their little ones and families.

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