Home Alone

Boo – Baby B and I were abandonned by Daddy on Thursday. Still we bravely carried on trying big boy food.

Thursday: I warmed a slice of pear in the microwave, doused in cold water and Baby rejected it. Raw slice of pear was also rejected. Out of sheer boredom (Daddy should not leave Mummy alone – she gets silly ideas) I gave Baby B a dried fig left over from when I made a Christmas pud – this was sucked and gummed happily.

Friday: Another dried fig to suck and gum, we decided to spend a few nights at my parents before we fly out to Belfast to join Daddy. My Mum (not a big fan of blw it has to be said) got very excited when Baby B sucked on an oatcake in the lounge – leaving crumbs everywhere for the dog to eat.

Saturday: Grandad bought Croissants for breakfast. I know you have to wait til they are 6 months before giving any wheat products – but he is less than 2 weeks off this milestone so he sucked a corner of a croissant. Later in the day I strapped him into the baby sling (see Daddy – the cheap sling I got is better than your all singing all dancing one that neither of us can work!) and walked to the post box and shops. I got a couple of fruit salads from tescos and let Baby B have half a strawberry when we got home.

Sunday: We made up a little roast dinner plate for Baby B to try – roast parsnip (my favourite), roast baby carrot, roast potato and roast chicken. The roast parsnip was sucked until a bit broke off which was prompty spat out in disgust. The roast carrot was sucked and chomped – I had a scary momment when about 1/4 of the carrot broke off in his mouth but he was fine. The roast chicken was licked and squashed about in his hand but nothing was eaten and the roast potato was rejected outright (but as my Mum said – who would want a cold roast potato?)

Tommorrow we fly out to Belfast for a couple of days to see Irish Nanny and Grandad.


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