Keeping in Touch

I had my first keeping in touch day (where you are allowed to work for 10 days during maternity leave) yesterday and wow – was it draining!

I took a load of stuff to my Mums on Monday (clothes, change of clothes, changing mat, bouncing cradle etc…) turning her house into a small regional mothercare branch. The next day (after neatly agreeing to who would be in charge for what nights and who would do what tasks in the morning) we were out of the house and at my Mums with clean bottles filled with boiled water and a baby for 8am. I deliberately kept the goodbye short – I knew Baby B would be fine – I was worried tho that he would be such a tinker my Mum would regret offering to take him!

When I got to the office I found that it was much more chaotic than when I left. I had a nice system set up, both the admin girls could handle a lot of the administrative tasks around my job and would be able (with a bit of luck) to muddle thru if the casual clerk wouldnt be in much (my manager decided not to recruit a full time maternity cover replacement for me, but to hope that the casual clerk who helps out would come in often enough to run the service!). Both of the admin staff left while I was on maternity leave and instead of 1.5 experienced staff the office has 1 temp and there was another temp in before her! Needless to say my system and particularly my spreadsheet was in a mess. Work was awful I am dreading going back in March, my managers plan is to only recruit one admin. I pointed out that I am coming back part time and he isnt planning to recruit someone to work my other day and a half so we will really need admin support.

Anyway after a hellish slog and lots of calls to IT I decided at 2 that I couldnt wait any longer I had to know how my darling baby was. I called my Mum, braced for the worst and discovered that they were having a great time, he had a 45 minute nap in the morning, played and was still having his lunchtime nap an hour and half after being put down. Despite being slightly hurt (how dare he be so happy without me!) I was pleased because now even if he is naughty for my Mum we both know that he can be perfectly good and happy for whole day with her.

Hubby had promised not be late picking me up, but turned up 10 minutes late. When we got to my Mums I couldnt wait to hold my baby and smell his head, I have never enjoyed doing the night time feeds as much as I did last night and I am looking forward to tonight. Back to the office tommorrow and I might do a day next week if I cant get the stats sorted tommorrow (slim chance and I think that I am expected to fix the website, appeal forms and God knows what else as well!)


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