The most expensive weekly shop – ever

Knackered. For some reasons weekends never really seem as relaxing as they promise to be. This was a fairly normal one but I feel really drained!

Friday (the 1st trip to Milton Keynes):
Daddy took Friday off to do some shopping with Baby B and I. So Friday morning we got up and I went to the doctors about the rash on my leg – apparently its a reaction to an infection (other than being a bit wheezy and tired I hadnt noticed being ill!) so I’m on antibiotics and have steroid cream to help calm the skin down. Walked back home and we went to Milton Keynes it was chock a block full so we didnt do much (its hard to motivate yourself to shop when its too full!) but Daddy bought one Christmas present for his Dad and we had a Nando’s for lunch (I was hoping for Pizza Express Pollo Ad Astra Pizza and a nice green salad but there you go!).

That evening after a Nando’s and the antibiotics I was shattered and not hungry so I had a bacon butty and told Daddy to finish off Thursday’s Shepherds pie instead of our planned curry night. At nine (as I half watched TV in bed) the power went off, it came back but only at half power (obviously we had been switched onto a back up generator which gave enough power for dim lights but not enough for TV’s or to power a microwave to reheat shepherds pie. Eventually it all came back at 10:30 (as I heated water over the hob to warm Baby B’s milk – like being in the olden days!). I fed Baby B who hardly woke up (this must be that dream feed I’ve read about!) and collapsed in Bed.

Saturday (the 2nd trip to Milton Keynes):
Saturday got up with Baby B at 4 in the morning and then again at 7. Made porridge and tea for brekkie and then after daddy got up returned to bed for a sneaky snooze (those tablets are really hitting me hard!). Daddy played squash with uncle Rob while Baby B and I made chicken soup (well if you are going to have an infection you should have chicken soup!). When the men came back we all had soup and went to Milton Keynes for the boys (sorry – men) to look at guitars and amps, the boys exciting day out theme continued with a game of pool and arcade games! I forgot to bring the sling out and when Baby B got bored of the stroller I had to carry him in my arms (he is heavy!). Got home and had to run to the hairdressers where the rash and antibiotics had taken the toll on my hair and scalp forcing the hairdressers to use a treeatment for my scalp and another for my hair – £45 for a wet cut might seem a bit steep but I love my hairdresser! Put Baby B to bed as normal and collapsed in the lounge begging Daddy to wash the bottles for me.

Sunday (the third trip to … you guessed it… Milton Keynes):
We had planned to go to 9am Mass, then Asda in Milton Keynes, back for lunch and then I would go to the hopsital with my Mum to see my grandad – Daddy was disgusted at having 6 hours uninterrupted sleep (he fed Baby B, put him to back into the cot at 11:30 and was woken up at 5:45 – sounds like bliss to me!) and returned to bed at 8am for a couple of hours.

We went to Asda and spent a fortune – we planned to get the weekly groceries and some clothes for Baby B. I saw a duvet set that would look good in the master bedroom (an extra £20), Daddy saw those hanging cloth shelves you put in wardrobes (£8 for 2) and a storage unit for Baby B’s nursery (£13). When we got to the clothes section Daddy got thoroughtly overexcited, grabbing a hooded top (£14), 2 pure cotton shirt and tie sets (£20 for 2) and a cotton mix short and tie set (£8) and a pressie for his little bro (£5 – he is getting other things for him as well!).

By this point Baby B was bored and was in my arms so I wasn’t in a position to put things back onto the shelves and wearily hadnded over my switch at the checkout – too tired from lugging a heavy baby around to shudder at the amount this weekly shop had cost me! Got home and tried to settle Baby B for a nap – no chance after sleeping in the car and by the time my Mum was ready to go to the hospital I hadnt even had lunch so I didnt get to see my Grandad this weekend.

Baby B has been very upset – teething quite nastily today pulling his ears and howling. He has had 5 doses of teetha powder and 1 dose of Calpol – I discovered he has lost his tongue thrust reflex and that instead of the calpol oozing back onto the spoon waiting by his lip it actually went down. This is supposed to be one of the big physical milestones to reach before baby led weaning so maybe we can try a little before Xmas (I’d so love to see him waving a brocoli spear and slice of turkey on christmas day!), he is also annoyed as he has tried rolling over again and is very annoyed that he cant get all the way over. Looks like a busy week ahead with me working 2 days (God how did that happen!) and Baby B growing up fast (little sob!)


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