Excema and other itching

Baby B made getting up in the morning worthwhile today – he woke up at 2, had his nappy changed, fed and went back to sleep and woke up again at 6:30. I could hear down the monitor that he was happily talking to himself so I left him until he grumbled (I want to encourage a little independant play). When I went in he was so excited that he squealed, giggled, kicked his legs up and down inside the grow bag and tried to insert both fists into his mouth. His delight to see me made me feel really happy.

We make a great pair at the momment. He has baby excema patches on his knee and elbow (as I previously mentioned the oilatum and E45 are helping and he doesnt seem at all bothered by it). I’m also getting a rash and it is bothering me- if you dont want gory information about my rash please skip the next 3 paragraphs!

Since getting pregnant with Baby B I’ve had a strange rash come up several times. It starts in one area as an itch – I scratch the next later the itchy area is itchier (sic) red and bumpy and then similar patches crop up around my body. I spent our lovely holiday close to tears most nights as the heat aggrevated the itching and I would leave the bar with hubby (I was drinking childrens cocktails naturally) with my legs bleeding where I had scratched so hard. Eventually it cleared up (helped by canarian sea air and sunshine) but it came back after I gave birth!

I know most people dont worry about their legs a week or so after delivering a 9lber but I hated it as my legs were scabby and manky – I couldnt stand to wear trousers as they made the itching so much worst. There are still patches on my legs where I have no pigment just pinky whitish skin from all the scratching and now its coming back (groan!)

I’ve made an appointment to see a GP on Friday and I’m optimistic, this time I’m not pregnant and can easily stop the very occasional breast feeding without any trauma to baby B or me so bring on the heavy duty tablets!

Baby B is not napping well so far this week. On Monday I made the cardinal error of going in to him and resettling him which meant he knew that if he cried loud and long enough I would come again (and eventaually I quit, walked to Tesco’s and he slept in his buggy for two hours when we got home). Today I was stronger, he was asleep when I put him down (after drinking only an ounce of milk) and woke up crying half and hour later, I sat it out and he stopped crying properly after just over 10 minutes, giving a couple of little screams of frustration every couple of minutes after that before settling back down. When he woke an hour later I got him up as he had already managed to settle himself back down so there was no point in prolonging his misery!

Fingers crossed he will sleep well tommorrow if I decide not to go to the NCT. I keep meaning to (its good to network with other Mums) but they seem to be yummy alpha mummy’s. They’re all a couple of years older than me (no chavy gymslip mothers in this group!) very well established in their careers and they all seem more competent than me. You never know tho – maybe they’re all looking at me and thinking something similar, although I doubt it very much!


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