Bouncy Bouncy!

Baby B has had a fairly busy weekend. His aunty came down from Burnley to visit for the weekend, while Daddy played squash with uncle Rob, Mummy put Baby B in the door bouncer. He looked lopsided and I was sure that I had done something wrong until half of my family ended up in the lounge looking at him as he stapped about in a circle (my Mum and Dad dropped off my little Sis, hubby and uncle Rob came back from squash) and the official diagnosis was the Baby B was sitting lopsided in the bouncer – nothing to do with straps.

My Mum looked after the Baby while the four of us went to TGI Fridays for a cheer up meal (3 courses of comfort eating and enough calories for a week!) then it was back home for a quick feed before I shot up to the hospital with my Mum and sister to see my Grandad – naturally the minute I left Daddy and Uncle Rob with a reassuring – he’ll be fine – Baby B went nuts. Eventually hubby worked out that he wanted to sleep and put him to bed over an hour early. Next day was a family Sunday Dinner at Nanny and Grandads follwed by a nap at home and a nice play before bed.

This morning I decided to be brave and different and put Baby B in the bouncer while I washed his bottles (he normally sits in his high chair). He loved it and for about 30 minutes was happily playing – especially when he realised that stamping his feet down made him bounce. Lunchtime nap didnt really happen (fell asleep after 3 oz of milk and woke up 30 minutes later and refused to settle back down despite cuddles and more milk) so at 2 we went down to Tesco’s the half hour walk there and back settled him down and he napped in the buggy until I woke him at 4 (hey I want him to tired at bedtime!)

When hubby got home I couldnt resist showing off Baby B’s stamping skills in the bouncer – he was very impressed and at bath time (as usual) Baby B demonstrated how strong his legs were by kicking his rubber duck and soaking, hubby, me and the nursery carpet.

Also I called the office today (I’ve studiously avoided it other than the bare minimum and a meeting to discuss me going back part time, as I dont want to know whats going wrong!) I hadnt heard anything since my manager agreed in principle to me working part-time so I wanted to confirm it. He said that had been agreed and HR were working on it (should get a contract in a few years!) he asked if I would be able to use some of my keeping in touch days to sort out the stats for the annual report.

I spoke to my Mum and she would be happy to take Baby B – it’ll be like a practice run for when I go back – leaving in the morning dressed smartly with no baby goop on my blouse and Baby B spending a day with Nanny. I’m scared to leave him for that long but also weirdly excited at the idea of having to think really hard and focus on non-baby things. Dont get me wrong, parenting is harder than my job (and my job is fairly taxing) but it’ll be weird to use my brain in a differnt way, since I became a Mum I’ve ‘unlearnt’ a lot of my management skills and become more emotionally in tune with people so it’ll be interesting to see if this changes my approach at work.

Baby B is sleeping nicely in his gro-bag (like he always does) and is blissfully unaware of the big changes coming up – whole days without Mummy and a trip to Belfast before Christmas and then Mummy going back to work 3 1/2 days a week in the spring. I hope he’ll cope with the change to our lovely cosy routine.


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