Raging Anger and lazy mummies

I dont know if it just Baby B or if all babies are like this but one minute he is happily playing with a toy – the next he realises that he is hungry, tired or needing a cuddle and that is it – furious screaming!

To be fair he doesnt cry a lot (as far as I’m concerned anyway) so he might be concentrating it all in one go.

I’ve been very bad this week and havent exercised yet – I do have an excuse for each day/ night: Monday night the class I wanted to go to started at 8pm and I was soo tired! Tuesday I was going to do 2 classes in the morning but my Mum was having her hair done. She agreed to take Baby B at lunchtime while I did yoga – but she had to rush to the hospital to meet with the doctors who (weren’t) caring for my Grandad in the hospital! Wednesday, Mum works in the day and hubby wasnt home until late, today – just couldnt be bothered if I’m honest!

To make up for this (and to get my moneys worth from the leisure centre) I have to do a class tommorrow morning (Bodystep – a new one for me and sounds scarily areobic!) and a class tommorrow evening (Body Balence – just as my muscles start to seize up from an hour of hopping on and off a step I’ll try and fail to get into the bird position) – I reckon I should also do something over the weekend but it is hard to find the time as little sis is coming down to visit and hubby has a two hour squash marathon booked!

I am going to feel like s**t after all this exercise and I am a real coward – I hate doing new classes and havent done areobics or step since I was at school so I am not feeling too confident but will have to grit my teeth and get on with it – staying at home and eating lots of toast is not doing me any favours!



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2 responses to “Raging Anger and lazy mummies

  1. Hubby

    What the frig. Swearing on your blog. Ellen, can you try and behave a little more responsibly on your blog please. You should be setting an example to your readers, not swearing your ******* head off. Look, you’ve got me ******* swearing now. **** sake, bloody ******* ****** ***** ****. For **** sake.

  2. Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk

    Oh my goodness, get used to the mood swings! Baby’s a boy, so shouldn’t stop till he’s oooo, at least 45 . . .

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