I am starting to feel strangely drained and exhausted again. After we stopped weaning Baby B went into a pattern of sleeping til 5 / 5.30 and then sleeping again til 7.30 – fine I could deal with that as long as I didnt have to get up in the middle night and then up properly at 6am!

A few nights ago I had really bad insomnia and Baby B seems to have caught it! He is refusing to nap and last night for the first time in months had trouble going to bed. Typically the first time we struggle to get him sleep is the one night in ages that we have asked my Mum to come around so we can visit my Grandad in hospital. He screamed and screamed, I knew rationally that nothing was wrong, he had been bathed, dried and fed and was warm and comfy in his gro-bag. He wasnt ill or in pain as he stopped crying as soon as he was picked up; he just wanted attention. He is doing the same thing now and I am coming to breaking point and am sorely tempted to lie down with him in my bed (very bad habit to form!)

He is also getting very wriggly, arching his back to move around on the floor and trying to roll over (still) so I dont know how much of this sleep trouble is just a developmental spurt (whatever that is!) and how much is an attachment problem. Never mind – back to mad house.


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  1. Hubby

    You weren’t sure what a “spurt” was, so I took the effort of checking this for you on Wikipedia. Took me ages…

    A spurt can mean one of two things in actual fact.
    1) A Practical joke or.
    2) A Secretory protein in upper respiratory tracts.

    Do you think he’s playing jokes on us on purpose? Takes after you y’know. Always playin the clown.

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