Regaining my principles?

Yesterday Baby B didnt get to eat (scream at) his lunch as I was too busy getting to the surgery etc.. he slept just as well without his solids and Baby B and I didn’t go thru the torture of trying to feed him.

I am hoping that he had an unsettled period (that lasted 2 weeks) that by pure co-incidence ended when I started weaning him. If I can hold of weaning for another month and a bit I can go onto Baby led weaning at 6 months which is what I really want to do.

Baby B and I went to the chemist to get his special bath stuff (the health visitor prescribed it for his excema). Its the junior version of the stuff I used when I used to get excema only trouble is that bathing a baby in Oilatum makes them very slippery. His excema is worst on the back of his knees and the health visitor said to leave him in the bath for 10 minutes to give it time to soak – Baby B decided that his legs would rarely touch the water as he wanted to kick his rubber duck and splash the floor. Oh well – his excema free back was lovely and soft after the bath.


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