Dazed and Confused

I havent been on the computer for ages as I have been busy trying to meet the demands of Baby B who has decided to go back to not sleeping thru. We moved him into his own cot in the nursery just after we came back from holiday – not a problem at all. I slept badly to start with, worrying about him but he was perfectly happy in his own room wearing a gro-bag.

The clocks went back and we adjusted bedtime over two nights (half an hour later each night) and he was fine for a couple of days and then started playing up, waking at 2 or 3 in the morning and then again at 5. I’ve always tried to be strict with myself and say that if he wakes up before 6 then he goes back down in his cot. But it did sem faintly ludicrous when I was getting up at 5.30 (but you have to be firm or 5am will be the start of the day and then I’d really struggle!).

My Mum said it was becuase he wanted to eat solids, as not only was he waking up in the night (which he hasnt done for a couple of months) but he was definatley interested in what we ate – he tried to grab frozen yoghurt off a spoon the other week. I felt so frustrated as I had promised myself that weaning would be the one thing that I did right (home birth and exclusively breast feeding failed!) I was determined to wait til 6 months and then start baby led weaning, where the baby feeds himself finger foods.

Like all my other principles this has fallen by the wayside. Yesterday he had his first bowl of baby rice. The powder looked and smelt like something you would mix with water to wallpaper your house (the finished white goo also looked like wallpaper paste!), I spooned it in and he spat it back out into the waiting spoon to go back in his mouth. I’ve no idea how much went in, but one of the other Mums at the NCT who weaned early said that it’s like that to start with. Another principle has been dropped. I have always thought that SMA white was for bad parents who wanted to make their child sleep – going back to being sleep deprived has driven me to the white cartons. They dont seem to make much difference but I am now scared to stop in case they are helping. I only give it to him at bedtime, the rest of day he has his SMA gold.

The poor little mite is tired – I’m not the only one awake at night – he is suffering too!

He looks very cute in his highchair and definately appreciates sitting up with us. He doesnt seem keen on baby rice – but then again its a whole new thing for him and I need to get back to sleep – going back to not sleeping thru seems harder than the first time, my body had got used to getting a good nights sleep and I am very confused. This morning I put bran flakes in the fridge and the other day the frozen ready meals I bought (yes I know, but they were healthy ones!) went into the fridge rather than the freezer.


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