Our First Holiday!!

We went on holiday last week (glamorous Norfolk coast) we had great weather. We were hoping to be able to use a lovely caravan owned by one of hubby’s councillors but as she was in Germany and not contactable we settled into the cheap and cheerful little one without too much hassle. Here – for anyone interested is a brief holiday diary:

Friday – packed in the morning, I refused to leave until Baby B had had his lunchtime bottle so that the journey and his lunchtime nap would co-incide. Hubby was forced to agree! We got to the site at around 3:30 and were in our tiny caravan by 4:00 – you could honestly fit it in our lounge! We fed Baby B and were going to head into Great Yarmouth for a supermarket stock-up until I decided it was too close to his bedtime and sent Daddy for provisions while I sat with Baby B and got him washed, fed and settled in his bed.

We had planned to wash him in the adult bath with one of us, alas the caravan had a shower! We improvised with a small washing up bowl – lol. Baby B went to bed like a good little boy in the master bedroom and Mummy and Daddy had pizza, garlic bread and beer for dinner! In the night it was so cold that Mummy slept in the lounge with Baby B next to the sofa bed so that everytime she woke up she could put the gas fire back on for a bit. Nobody slept well as we all froze (not good with an already poorly baby!)

Saturday – Got up early (about half six) and got Daddy up. We all huddled by the gas fire and had breakfast. We strapped Baby B into the pushchair and set off for a walk. We couldnt get onto the beach at either entrance as they had disabled access ramps halfway down and then it became wooden steps (obviously if you are disbaled you have to be happy with nearly getting onto the beach!) On the way back from a bracing walk Mummy and Daddy had a cooked breakfast in the onsite restuarant. Baby B was not impressed so we ate as quick as we could and got him back to the caravan for a nice feed.

We then went to Great Yarmouth and had a lovely time until Mummy realised she had left the bottle and carton of formula at home. After a dash to super drug we went to the first restuarant we could find and all had lunch (strangely watery fish and chips for Mummy and Daddy, breast milk and formula milk for a starving hungry Baby B!). We went onto the beach (well the pushchair went to the edge of the beach and Mummy and Baby B went onto the actual beach) and Baby B put his feet onto the sand! After more siteseeing we headed back to the caravan, had more milk, played and then got ready for bed. This time we decided to be environmentally evil and leave the bedroom door open with the heater on all night!

Mummy and Daddy had to be very quiet when watching the rugby – Baby B being a super little boy slept thru the occasional excited squeak and jump!

Sunday: After a much better nights sleep for all of us we had a lovely walk around Scratby (Mummy and Daddy even had ice cream!) and went to Cromer for the day (bringing bottles and formula this time!). By the time we got there Baby B was hungry again (the sea air affected him!) so we dashed into the Dolphin Bar (best views in the town!). The carvery in the restuarant was full so we sat in the bar and had scampi and chips (Baby B had breast milk and bottle milk – again). Sadly this was two days in a row where Mummy’s meal went cold while she fed Baby B. Mummy and Daddy had pasta for dinner after Baby B went to Bed. Daddy agreed to be in charge of Baby B for the night and was devastated to be woken up at 5 in the morning – even more so when he discovered the fire had gone out and the gas canisters had run out – ha ha!!

Monday: After the security man got the heating working – and the boiler – we went for a drive along the coast up to Bacton. Baby B was not impressed even tho we told him Nanny and Great Grandad used to come here for their holidays. In the afternoon we went back to Great Yarmouth. We all had lunch in Harry Ramsdens – again Mummy’s meal was interupted this time by a very stinky nappy change. Daddy managed to get the pushchair onto the beach and struggeld to push Baby B to the sea – not that he seemed remotely grateful for all the effort!

We managed to take Baby B to the bar for a civilised half pint – well as civilised as drink can be while bouncing a grumpy baby on your knee!

Tuesday: As the weather was forecasting bad storms for the south and east we decided that we had had a great time but would be getting back. We had another breakfast in the resort – again to Baby B’s anger, had a last walk around California and Scratby and got packed up to go home. Again we tried to drive thru Baby B’s lunchtime nap but as he was late with his lunchtime bottle it threw us out for the day a bit. Lots of rain and flooded roads but Daddy did well and got us all home safely after a lovely holiday.



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3 responses to “Our First Holiday!!

  1. Hubby

    Very good love. Keep up the good work!

    I see you’ve changed your mind on the fish in the restaurant. You stuck rigidly to your opinion at the time that it was ‘lovely and fluffy’. Poetic license I’m sure…

  2. Bottle feeding Mummy

    I was trying to cheer you up about it!

  3. Hubby

    It was utter shit! You’re a Christian. What do we say about liars?

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