Scary rash

After getting Baby B up at lunchtime I noticed he had a rash on his leg, the spots didnt go away under pressure (major panic!). I managed to stay quite calm by reminding myself that if it was serious it would be all over his body and that other than being grumpy and tired today he didnt seem desperately ill. I couldnt get into a panic tho as I had to be mummy and everyone knows mummys just deal with the problem and get the panic out of their system after the baby goes to bed.

I tried to call the surgery but they were closed for lunch (note to government: dont let surgeries close for lunch!) so I drove him over to the surgery and waited for it to open (cancelling the play date we had arranged, which was the sole reason I had the car today!). The receptionist was unusually kind, I explained I didnt have an appointment but was worried about my little boy and she got a nurse to see me before her first patient. The nurse said he had a bit of a temperature but that if it was menigitis he would be crying inconsolably – he was quite happy at the time and would have a very high temperature so it was probably just a virus and to keep an eye on him and go back if I was worried about anything. I am not used to the NHS being so nice and approachable!

As I was next door to the clinic I popped in to have Baby B weighed. He now weighs 12lb 14oz (gained 9 oz inthe last week), the health visitor siggested using Calpol to keep his temperature low and not over dressing him. Any how.. off on holiday tommorrow so hopefully he’ll feel better in the morning. Not having the internet for a week will be good as Daddy likes to read up on things and I think reading anything medical on the net is a bad idea (you always think that you and your entire family is about to die!).

Not sure if we will be able to use his councillors caravan or not (she is in Germany and would need to check with her other half) but my Mum reckons either way she can come over for a night or two to give us a night out (she even offered to take care of him in the morning if we felt a bit rough!).


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