Getting ready for holidays

We’re off on holiday tommorrow – glamourous Scratby. I dont think hubby is impressed as the cheapy holiday offer in the Daily Express ended up being expensive. You could book for a minimum of four people (well less could go but you had to pay for 4) so I suggested that we book for 5 (an extra £20) in the hope that my parents could come for part of it, and maybe give us an evening off!

My parents were in San Francisco (apparently getting drunk in a gay bar) so I couldnt check the dates with them, and anyway had to give as many possible dates as I could. The week that we have been allocated is one my parents cant make as they going to a proclaimers concert on Saturday (yes.. I know) and on Sunday my Aunt and Uncle are going to a Christening so if my parents also leave the area there would be nobody to cook my Grandads Sunday Lunch (it is the only time he gets out of the house other than his trip to the elderly day centre so it would be a bit mean to miss lunch). Grandad can’t travel so it will be just the 3 of us.

Before I knew all this I paid the supplements for linen for five peoople, entertainment passes for 5 people etc.. Last night at a meeting a local councillor who works with hubby offered us her luxurious caravan (on the same site we are going to) which has central heating. I had been worrying about Baby B in a cold caravan and so I said to hubby we should take her up on the offer, he is going to offer her £100 (fingers crossed she says no!) so this cheap cheerful holiday is becoming an expensive monster with not one but 2 caravans for 3 people!

On the debit side of my good wife account I am keen to travel light, I am leaving the steriliser at home (I bought some sterilising microwave bags from John Lewis), the bottle warmer (a jug of boiling water will be just as good), baby monitor (hello… we’re in a caravan) and the baby bath (my Mum said to put the baby in the kitchen sink – hubby disagrees and has suggested one of us sits in the proper bath with the baby). On the credit side of the good wife and mother ledger side I am taking the moses basket, basket stand, bottles, bottle brush, toilettries, spare bed linen, plenty of clothes and washing tablets so we can go to the laundrette on site for inevitable accidents. And the massive buggy (recently turned into a pushchair by me with no technical asssitance unless you count pleading with God to show me what strap goes where!). The buggy is so big that even folded down we need to put two of the back seats down to fit it in the car!

Also in the bad mummy stakes (major credit in the ledger I’m afraid) I swore at Baby B this morning (call social services quickly). He is in a lot of pain with his teeth and despite the lovely teetha powder was still grabbing his ears and cheeks so I struggled to open the child proof Calpol bottle, held him in a sitting position with one arm, poured the calpol carefully onto the spoon and started dripping it into his tongue. Baby B was not impressed and kicked the open bottle of Calpol over (luckily it was on his changing mat). I managed to shovel the rest of the calpol from the spoon into his mouth, pick the bottle up and spent a pleasant few minutes wiping pink stinky smelly goo from his chaging mat.

The post strike ended today and my baby sling arrived (horray!) it seems simple enough but whether Baby B will understand where his legs and head are supposed to go is another matter. When he gets up from his nap we are going to try it out! I have to be able to use this or hubby will eb really miffed at me wasting money on a fairtraide, organic baby sling (it only cost £15 including p&p but men are strange about money!)

Baby B is strangely exhausted and napping at 11:00 instead of his normal post lunchtime bottle nap. I think this may be due to the fact that the last 2 nights in a row his Daddy woke us both up shouting in the night. Last night he was shouting “where’s the baby?” at me (in the moses basket where he is every night dear.. and if he doesnt go back to sleep you’re feeding him!) the night before it was to accuse me of trying to eat his back! Oh dear what a strange family we are.

When we get back from holiday I am going into the office to discuss my return to work (its not until Feb but I want to go back part time, patially homeworking and I want to use up all the annual leave I accrued while on maternity leave) – not looking forward to having a professional discussion with my line manager whilst bouncing a baby on my knee – how life changes!


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