Big Night Out!

Last night hubby and I went to the pub for the first time in ages! Nanny and Grandad came around to baby sit at 6.30 (baby B was already in bed and asleep) and we went off to Luton to see a band! It felt so weird not being Mummy and Daddy. We were both fairly careful with what we drank until we got home. We have a ‘night off’ each every week and Friday night is hubbies, basically it means he isnt expected to do anything with Baby B during the night (a bit like a work night but without work in the morning!) He decided to sit up, play the PS2 (He is 28 years old surely he should have grown out of video games) and drink Peroni.

This morning Baby B and me woke him up at 8 and he felt AWFUL. He later confessed that he had thought he would be sick all over the spare bed as I put Baby B down next to him and we left him to nap for a bit longer. Bossy Mummy then demanded he got up to take us to town (with the promise of Nando’s as a bribe for poor poorly Daddy!) After a nice lunch for Mummy and Daddy we saw the queues going into the shopping area of Milton Keynes and turned around for home. Baby B kindly escorted me to Tescos in the afternoon where we bought as much baby cotton wool, baby baths stuff and clothes as we could squeee under the pram.

Still teething – the little fang is breaking thru on the top jaw and his cheeks keep going red. Now that hes a big boy (3 months) he can have a bigger dose of Calpol which definately takes the edge of his pain – might recommend it to Daddy after his next night out Ha Ha!!


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