Ouch for baby B and Mummy!

My body balence class last night was the first I’ve been to since last November, I felt fine this morning but when I was walking Baby B to the clinic in the pram the muscles under my ribcage felt battered and bruised (not used to standing up straight after nearly 3 months of being on the floor!) on the walk back home my legs started to feel a bit achy as well. However, it is obviously good for me to strengthen my back (and shift the tummy!).

The health visitor saw Baby B and said that the pain and dribbling was likely to be due to his teeth growing in his mouth rather than eruptine, although we both noticed a rough patch on his top gum that might be an eye tooth! She also said that it wont hurt to give him calpol when he is in a lot of pain – so we tried a dose this evening (around 5) I’m not sure if it did anything as he is normally grizzly around then and waiting for bed.

Rather disgusted at bringing up baby – I’m happy to put Baby B in the garden while I peg the washing out and try to take him out for walk every day but would feel like a child abuser leaving him alone in the back garden for 3 hours at a stretch!


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