Grumpy Baby

Bad few days. Baby B recently decided that lunch time naps were out, wailing most of the day was in.

Luckily still sleeping well at night (touch wood). I’m taking him to the health visitor tommorrow as he is in a lot of distrss and I am starting to wonder about teething.. it is very early for it and the back teeth first? My Mum had a look and she can see big white somethings at the back of his mouth but suggested getting it checked as she cant believe he would teeth back to front.

I finsihed sewing up all the blasted squares of his blanket. Very technicoloured and soft. I’m going to tackle a sweater next. On the up side he is pooing well (thank God for small blessings).

I’m going to go to body balence tonight, it will be my first exercise class (other than aqua tone) since my morning sickness got too bad and too exhausting. Its going to be hard but got to shift the Mummy tummy.


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