Tired baby

For the second day in a row baby B decided that nap time wasn’t his ‘thing’. I eventually got him to go down but only for an hour – normally he has 2 hours + for his lunchtime nap (and would nap for longer if I let him). He has been het up all day, wanting be cuddled, crying, screaming, wanting to be put down on the floor and generally miserable.

We went to baby clinic today and got caught in the rain. This didnt bother him as he was wearing a fleece his nanny and grandad bought for him in San Francisco, had a blanket around him was in the warm fleecy carry cot part of his cot and had the hood pulled over his head. Mummy on the other hand didnt have an umbrella (wouldnt have been able to steer a pram and hold an umbrella anyway) had leaking shoes, crazy frizzy hair, rain splattered glasses and puddle soaked trousers when we got to the clinic. This was probably one of the happiest parts of the day for him. He was weighed and had only gained 3 1/2 oz but as he gained 9 oz last week I’m not too concerned, he is still tracking the 25th percentile line of the growth chart.

We then went to nanny’s where several times I thought he was doing a poo but he was just screaming in general at the world. Constipated babies aren’t one of my favourite things so I’ll be giving him diluted orage juice tommorrow. The dietician said it was OK for him to go three days without ‘going’ but I’ve found that he needs to go every day – so he’ll be dosed up tommorrow.

Oh, and he has covered me and his nanny in plenty of goop – rubbing his face in goop covered muslim seemed to be one of the few things he really enjoyed today!

Not one of our better days.


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