Good bye to the dietician

We had a busy morning today. Up at 6.15, nappy change, bottle and then a play and nap while Mummy tried to eat breakfast, wash and pack a changing bag at once. We had a dietician appointment in Bedford at 9:30 so I knew that I probably wouldnt be able to squeeze a second feed in before we left the house. I was right. At 8:30 we were both washed and dressed and ready to go to town.

Dietician was late (as usual) so I breastfed in the waiting room, I’m not sure how much milk baby B got but it quietened him down. Discharged by the dietician (hooray!!)as we have been following the 25th percentile on the weight charts for a while now and then back into the car.

On the way home naughty evil mummy decided to stop at Waitrose rather than going straight home to feed baby B. This decision was met with disgust. Baby B was placated by a breast feed at home while mummy knocked back a cup of tea and then a bottle before trying to have a nap (not very keen on this today, but he has only had 2 bottles of milk and normally would have had 3 by nap time). As nap time seems destined to fail today we might walk down to the NCT meeting or might just play on the floor.


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