First post – where we are up to!

I’m new to this blogging thing so bear with me…

I’m a slummy (but trying to be yummy) mummy with an 11 week old son. When he was two weeks old we had to go to hospital as he had lost a lot of weight (he had a little infection) the doctors put us onto formula top ups which are very hard to stop.

A couple of weeks ago after expressing to increase my milk supply and having hour long feeding sessions (breast feeding for 30 minutes and then warming a bottle and feeding it to the poor hungry screaming baby) I threw in the towel – mucho mummy guilt about not breast feeding!

My son loves being bottle fed – less work for more milk! I am now finding I spend a lot more time playing with him so it is working. I still breast feed a little – when I am desperate for some peace and quiet, I’m not sure if he gets much milk or just likes the comfort but it works long enough to watch a TV programme.

The other problem we are having is that he is a super advanced little chap and is teething at 11 weeks. He started dribbling and being a bit grizzly (and obsessed with putting his fist in his mouth) a couple of weeks ago. You can now see 2 molars at the back of his bottom jaw pushing up. The last week has seen a huge increase in dribble and tear volumes. I have tried telling him that he is supposed to get his incissors first (and when he is about 6 months old) but he doesnt listen to me and I guess the teeth will come through soon.

I’m trying a homeopathic teething rememdy (told you I was trying to be a yummy mummy!) he seems shocked at mummy tipping powder into his screaming mouth. We’re seeing the dietician tommorrow so hopefully he’ll have had a good weight gain (and hopefully he wont wee on her like he did the last two times we saw her!).


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